Bakery & Springs of Hope


This is our flagship hunger project and the one where our work first began. Poverty stricken families living in Northern Shaam receive fresh nutritious bread daily through our Free Bread project. Volunteers distribute the bread to some of the area’s most deprived communities.


Our Springs of Hope Family Centre in Rehyanli, Turkey is home to refugee children and their families.  All the children have lost their fathers in the conflicts.  We aim to keep families together so that children can grow up in a loving, stable setting.  Some children who don’t have any family also live in the Family Centre and are fully supported by our trained, qualified staff.

We don’t operate individual sponsorship systems, but focus on providing collective support.  All donations are grouped together to continuously improve the facilities and help the children and families living at the Springs of Hope Family Centre.

The facts

One third of all the 4m refugees from Shaam living in Turkey are children.

Almost 400,000 of these refugee children receive no schooling.

Instead these children have to leave their childhood behind, and try to survive as best they can, scrounging, begging and working.

Many of these children have had to flee the devasting conflicts in places like Aleppo and Idlib and forced to begin new lives in Turkey.  They have been exposed to violence, psychological and emotional distress, and frequent exploitation. 

Springs of Hope

At our centre in Reyhanli, we ensure children have everything they need.  Each child receives three home cooked nutritious meals daily.  They have new clothes, access to health, dental and eye care.  There is space to study and learn as well as play and relax.  All our orphan children can attend a nearby Qur’ran school learning to read, learn and memorize the Qur’an and the Arabic language.  They gain education on etiquette, seerah and Islamic history.  Such facilities enable these orphans to stay connected to their heritage and culture.

The children also have a formal education and attend counselling sessions to help cope with the traumatic lives they have had to experience.

Sponsor a child from Shaam and change their lives forever.  Help them regain the childhood they have lost. It only costs £20 a month.