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The Date Project Palestine

The Date Project- Palestine


In Gaza, over 100,000 people have become homeless in recent years. The Gaza Strip is one of the most troubled and overpopulated in the world. The 2 million population is crammed into 360sq km of land.. Sadly, 80% of Palestinians rely on humanitarian aid. Around 42% of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are impoverished, with 80% relying on aid. Power plants and water pumps require vast amounts of electricity which is in short supply. Consequently, there is an alarming water crisis.

The water is contaminated by seawater, sewage and chemicals, and the area’s three desalination plants have failed to meet the population’s needs. Research shows that only 10% of inhabitants in Gaza have access to clean water, which itself is in decline.

Given the dire situation in Palestine, SKT Welfare have been working on water projects to facilitate access to clean drinking water for the local population. Providing them with access to clean water is vital to ensuring the good health of Palestinians.

The Desalination Plants

SKT Welfare aim to contribute to finding a solution to the unavailability of clean water. Twenty desalination plants were destroyed in the Gaza Strip, impacting nearly half of the country’s population of 1.8 million. The destruction of the desalination plants means that 95% of the water is undrinkable. If nothing is done to rectify this, the Gaza Strip will not be habitable by 2020. The charity has invested in two desalination plants, which convert salt water into fresh drinking water.


The plants have targeted impoverished and desperate populations, who previously had to travel several miles to collect sanitary water. The plants are in the Al-Moare area in Gaza, where residents had no access to a water well within 4km of their homes. This investment has meant that:

  • The plants have benefited approximately 0.5 million people
  • Each produces 50,000 litres of water daily
  • Overall, 22.5 million litres of fresh drinking water has been provided for Palestinians


The Date Project


SKT Welfare’s hugely successful Date Project has raised thousands of pounds and fed millions in Syria. For Ramadan 2017, Palestine was added with a beautifully designed box in Palestinian colours. By selling just one box of the finest ethically-sourced medjoul dates, a Palestinian family receive 500 litres of water.


This makes huge changes to the lives of the suffering residents of Gaza and will restore hope to those who currently travel several miles to collect water.

Posted on 04-Mar-2019