WATER IN SYRIA More than 13 million people in Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance according to the United Nations.  Millions of Syrians do not have any access to clean, healthy drinking water. WATER IN PALESTINE Our Water  Appeal is a Palestinian based charity providing clean fresh water with Gaza. The problem In […]

Water in Somalia

Access to safe and clean water is limited in Somalia.  Millions of people living in remote areas have to rely on dirty and polluted water for drinking, cooking, washing as well as for their livestock and crops. Building a well costs £2,000 and can provide enough water for all the community, as well as their […]

SKT Welfare

Our 100% donation policy Every penny that you donate goes directly to the projects on this website. We are an Islamic charity.  We believe in total transparency and honesty.  Our aim is to help others – nothing more, nothing less.  Over the past ten years, we have helped millions of people around the world thanks […]

What makes Medjool dates so special

Why choose Medjool Dates this Ramadan? Faced with the prospect of choosing between several varieties of gorgeous dates, it can be hard making a choice.  So why should you opt for Medjool Dates?  What makes them so special? The answer is not hard to find.  These are the most succulent, delicious, energy-giving dates and have […]

Food Habits and Health tips in Ramadan

“The son of Adam cannot fill a vessel worse than his stomach, as it is enough for him to take a few bites to straighten his back. If he cannot do it, then he may fill it with a third of his food, a third of his drink, and a third of his breath.”

Health Benefits of Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month in the calendar when Muslims concentrate on their duties to Allah (SWT) and their faith. During Ramadan, people fast only during daytime hours.

Why are Medjool dates so healthy

Referred to as “nature’s power fruit”, medjool dates belonging to the date palm tree have the ability to benefit our health in many ways.

The date project blog

The seven war in Syria has been raging for years, displacing 6.3 million Syrians who have fled across the world to find safety, shelter, and food.

Bread and dates

For seven long years, the war in Syria has raged on and displaced over 11 million Syrians- half the country’s population. Since 2011, the country


InGaza, over 100,000 people have become homeless in recent years. The Gaza Strip is one of the most troubled and overpopulated in the world.