Stay Healthy

STAY HEALTHY THROUGH RAMADAN When you are fasting all day, it is important to stay healthy and well.  Take care to eat nutritious meals at the start and end of each day. Don’t overeat! At Iftaar, it is all too easy to overeat.  After a long, busy day without food, it is instinctive to eat […]

Ramadhan Can Help Your Health

RAMADAN CAN HELP YOUR HEALTH   Ramadan plays a major role in the lives of Muslim people every year. It is a time when Muslims can focus on their faith and duties to Allah (SWT).  This is a time set apart from normal everyday life since you need to fast throughout the hours of daylight.  […]

How The Date Project Started

Syria was once an extremely prosperous country. Now it has been devastated by years of Civil War.  Millions of Syrians have become refugees, seeking safety around the world.  Yet many more are trying to survive among the wreckage of their country.  Their lives are very hard. 11 million Syrians have little access to basic facilities […]


Medjool dates are one of the healthiest and most nutritious of all foods.  They have even been described as ‘nature’s power fruit’.    Whatever the size of date, they come packed with a host of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folate), Sodium, Iron, Phosphorus and Calcium.  […]

Choosing Medjool Dates

Choosing Medjool dates Why choose Medjool dates?  After all, there are lots of varieties of succulent, delicious dates available.  What makes Medjool dates so desirable? Quite simply they are the best, the most juicy and tasty dates you can find anywhere. The amount of energy they provide is incredible. Well known for their sheer size […]


WATER IN SYRIA More than 13 million people in Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance according to the United Nations.  Millions of Syrians do not have any access to clean, healthy drinking water. WATER IN PALESTINE Our Water  Appeal is a Palestinian based charity providing clean fresh water with Gaza. The problem In […]

What makes Medjool dates so special

Why choose Medjool Dates this Ramadan? Faced with the prospect of choosing between several varieties of gorgeous dates, it can be hard making a choice.  So why should you opt for Medjool Dates?  What makes them so special? The answer is not hard to find.  These are the most succulent, delicious, energy-giving dates and have […]

Food Habits and Health tips in Ramadan

“The son of Adam cannot fill a vessel worse than his stomach, as it is enough for him to take a few bites to straighten his back. If he cannot do it, then he may fill it with a third of his food, a third of his drink, and a third of his breath.”

Why are Medjool dates so healthy

Referred to as “nature’s power fruit”, medjool dates belonging to the date palm tree have the ability to benefit our health in many ways.

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The seven war in Syria has been raging for years, displacing 6.3 million Syrians who have fled across the world to find safety, shelter, and food.