What Makes Medjool Dates So Desirable?

Why choose Medjool dates?  After all, there are lots of varieties of succulent, delicious dates available.  What makes Medjool dates so desirable?

Quite simply they are the best, the most juicy and tasty dates you can find anywhere. The amount of energy they provide is incredible. Well known for their sheer size and mouth-watering taste, with hints of wild honey and rich caramel, Medjool Dates are often referred to as ‘the King of Dates.’ There is a burst of sweetness as the creamy flesh melts in the mouth with every bite.

For centuries, these dates have been highly prized with all harvests being supplied only to the Royal Court of Morocco.  This was a date variety that thrived in the Moroccan climate as it provided the perfect growing conditions.

When disease struck the Medjool palm trees in 1927, it proved to be a disaster.  Almost all the trees were destroyed.  In a bid to save this highly prized species, a decision was made to try and grow it elsewhere. Shoots were taken and propagated all over the world, including the Jordan Valley.

It was a race against time.  Fortunately, the Jordan Valley proved to be an ideal growing area. It’s climate and growing environment provides the essential spells of cold weather throughout the winter, followed by a period of strong heat, with little rain and low humidity between the crucial fruit formation months of April to July. The Jordan Valley now houses over 30,000 Medjool Date Palms and growers are constantly planting more every year. 

All our Medjool dates are hand harvested and packed on farms located within the Jordanian sector of the Jordan Valley.  This means you can be assured that your Ramadan dates are sustainable, ethically sourced, providing work and support to Syrian refugees.  All the profits resulting from the sale of our Medjool dates are given back to charities providing refugees with bread and other facilities.

Choosing Medjool dates to break the Ramadan fast at sundown provides an instant sweet, delectable burst of energy.  In addition, you are instantly replenishing your nutritional needs since every bite of a Medjool date provides vital vitamins and minerals.  Medjool dates are a fantastic source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Iron, B Vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folate) as well as sodium, phosphorus and potassium.  All these elements are crucial for sustaining energy levels, a healthy heart, strong bone structure, reducing cholesterol and relieving constipation.

Medjool dates are the perfect choice for any discerning gift giver, as well as a food option at the end of each day.  You are helping others with every box that you buy, and ensuring that breaking your Ramadan fast is guaranteed to be a delicious, mouth-watering experience.