How Dates Fund Bread For Syrian Refugees

More than a decade of civil war in Syria has resulted in over 11 million people seeking refuge in neighbouring countries such as Turkey and Jordan.

The displacement of people has been massive for example within the Lebanon, Syrian refugees now account for one in every five people.  

War and its associated destruction has led to vast numbers of people within Syria needing help from charities to access basic needs like food, water and shelter.

Al-Huda Bakery

Everyone needs bread, but many bakeries have been destroyed during the fighting.  As a result, the cost of bread has risen dramatically.

Many people cannot afford to buy bread since prices have risen by up to 500%.  1.2 million people are unable to buy bread in Damascus.

We have been helping provide people with this much-needed basic food for years.  By providing money to buy ingredients and the capital to actually operate a bakery, We enabled the Al-Huda Bakery in Idlib to continue trading on a daily basis.  Using one tonne of flour, Al-Huda can provide 1000 packages of bread, enough to feed a family for one meal.  With our support, Al-Huda was able to help feed hundreds of families living in seven refugee camps – a total of 10,500 people each day.

Al-Huda’s role is crucial to creating a sense of normality and safety to Syrian families.  By receiving fresh bread daily, people can start planning for the future.

Al-Huda is able to help feed hundreds of families living in seven refugee camps – a total of 10,500 people each day!

The Date Project

Recognising the need to provide funding for the Al-Huda Bakery, we looked for ways to raise money.  In 2015, a group of volunteers set up The Date Project. The idea was to provide a market for date producers in the Jordan Valley, allowing British Muslims to enjoy the finest ethically sourced Medjoul dates during Ramadan.  Dates are a fantastic source of nourishment, since they can be eaten at sunset to break the Ramadan fast. 

Boxes of dates are sold at £10 each, and are distributed by over 1500 registered volunteers throughout the UK.  We now sell thousands of boxes every year.

As a result of this project, the Al-Huda Bakery has been able to feed ten million people, and distribute over 20m loaves since 2015.