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Give your Zakat with us, and we will transform lives for good. You can rest easy in your faith, knowing that 100% of your Zakat donation will go directly to helping those who need it most

Food parcel in Somalia

Vulnerable communities around the globe are in need of nutritious food more than ever before. 

Syria Blankets

SKT Welfare will be distributing warm clothing, blankets and fuel to families in Pakistan, Gaza, Syria, Kashmir and here at home in the UK. For just £50, you can help make sure a family in need receive warmth and protection this winter

Food Parcels in Pakistan

Through the year our dedicated SKT Welfare volunteers hand deliver thousands of food packs to impoverished communities, providing families with cooking essentials like rice, ghee, sugar, salt, tea, vermicelli, chick peas, lentils, and flour

Food Parcels in Palestine

SKT Welfare is committed to our ongoing projects in Gaza, focusing on helping to alleviate food insecurity and facilitating access to clean water

Food Parcels in Syria

Our volunteers are on the ground in Syria, providing food parcels and safe water, while our bakery and hospital support tens of thousands of Syrians with food and vital healthcare.