Water in Somalia

Millions of people in Somalia do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. In many remote locations, people rely on dirty and polluted water for drinking, cooking, washing, and for their animals and crops too. You can build a well in Somalia for £2,000 and provide an entire community of people and their livestock with […]

Water in Syria

Over 13 million Syrian people need urgent humanitarian aid, according to the UN. Millions of people don’t have access to clean drinking water

Water in Palestine

Our Water appeal is a Palestine charity that provides fresh, clean water to people throughout Gaza.

Bakery in Syria

The Free Bread Project is our Flagship hunger relief appeal that provides fresh, nutritious bread to poor families in Shaam. We work with volunteers in areas around Northern Shaam to distribute bread bundles in some of the region’s most deprived communities

Syrian Orphans in Turkey

In Turkey, refugee orphans from Shaam live in our Springs of Hope Family Centre in Rehyanli. Many of these children are living with their siblings and their

Food Parcels in Syria

Our volunteers are on the ground in Syria, providing food parcels and safe water, while our bakery and hospital support tens of thousands of Syrians with food and vital healthcare.

Food Parcels in Palestine

SKT Welfare is committed to our ongoing projects in Gaza, focusing on helping to alleviate food insecurity and facilitating access to clean water

Food Parcels in Pakistan

Through the year our dedicated SKT Welfare volunteers hand deliver thousands of food packs to impoverished communities, providing families with cooking essentials like rice, ghee, sugar, salt, tea, vermicelli, chick peas, lentils, and flour

Syria Blankets

SKT Welfare will be distributing warm clothing, blankets and fuel to families in Pakistan, Gaza, Syria, Kashmir and here at home in the UK. For just £50, you can help make sure a family in need receive warmth and protection this winter