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The Answers to All Your Questions

Here are the questions that people mostly ask us. We have tried to answer them. if you still have any questions, please write to us here.

Delivery Timescale

All pre orders (placed by 22nd March) will be delivered by 8th April. For any orders placed after 22nd March, we aim to deliver within 8 working days. Working days are Monday to Friday and DO NOT include BANK Holidays.

Handling Cash

We take the wellbeing, health and safety of our team of volunteers very seriously. Ideally, we would like our volunteers to manually handle cash as little as possible. For this reason, we encourage all customers to make their purchase online so that cash is not handled. However, we acknowledge that some customers prefer to buy with cash rather than online. For these situations, please can you place the cash into an unused envelope after counting it out for the volunteer. They will handle the envelope wearing gloves for their own safety.

Delivery Procedure

We are currently only offering a non-contact delivery service. The volunteer will call/SMS you beforehand to arrange the delivery time period. When they arrive they will knock on the door, place your tins on the floor, and retreat a minimum of 2 metres. Please collect your tins from this position. The volunteer will not leave any tins unattended unless specifically requested to by you.

Q. Can Zakat/Fidia be used to purchase the dates?

No – As you are buying a product and getting something back in return (the finest quality Medjool dates), the only difference is that 100% of profits go towards charitable causes.

Q. Why are some areas free delivery and other areas delivery charges are applied?

Our project relies on an amazing group of volunteers who help deliver the dates, where we have these volunteers the delivery is free, if there are no volunteers in a specific area then we would post these out and delivery charges are applied.

Q. Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver across the United Kingdom.

Q. Do you have any shops who stock your dates?

List of all stockists is available on our website's stockists page.

Q. What is the weight of the Tins/Dates?

The tins weigh 1.3kg and there are 900 grams of dates in each tin (approximately). The tins include a free children’s activity book and Eid card designed by a Syrian Orphan. For any other questions, suggestions, or if you are interested in volunteering, stocking our dates or anything else please contact us.

Ordering gifts to multiple addresses

If you want to send tins to multiple addresses, you will need to order separately for each address.

Amendments to orders

If you have made any errors on your order, or would like to make an amendment, please email and we will try and help with your request.