Can Zakath/Fidya be used to purchase the dates?

No – As you are buying a product and getting something back in return (the finest quality Medjool dates), the only difference being that 100% of profits go towards charitable causes.

What are your delivery times:

We look to deliver in 5 working days

Why are some areas free delivery and other areas delivery charges are applied:

Our project relies on an amazing group of volunteers who help deliver the dates, where we have these volunteers the delivery is free, if there are no volunteers in a specific area then we would post these out and delivery charges are applied.

Which areas do you deliver to

We deliver across the United Kingdom and Europe only.

Do you have any shops who stock your dates:

List of all stockists is available on our website

What is the weight of the Tins/Dates:

The tins weigh 1.3 KG approx. and there are 900 grams of dates in each tin approx. as well as a free children’s activity book and Eid card designed by a Syrian Orphan

For any other questions, suggestion, if you are interested in volunteering, stocking our dates or anything else please contact us thedateproject@sktwelfare.org