Luxurious Chocolate Coated Medjool Dates Box of 24

Our exquisite selection of ethically sourced Medjool dates is coupled with sublime flavours carefully selected to harmonize taste and texture and enhance your culinary experience.

These have been hand crafted with a percentage of profits going towards charity (SKT Welfare). Please note these are only available via postal delivery.

Each Perfect Gift Box includes:

  • Rustic Ruby Raspberry
  • Dolce e Salato
  • Smooth Allure
  • Island Treasure
  • Spanish Zest
  • Fresh Zephyr
  • Go Nuts


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  • Rustic Ruby Raspberry: The sweet tang of Ruby Raspberry balanced with the richness of our Medjool dates creates an ideal combination.
  • Dolce e Salato: Salted Caramel delivers a striking marriage of flavors to this unique medley.
  • Smooth Allure: Choice Persian Pistachios provide a sumptuous experience.
  • Island Treasure: A creamy blend of Island Coconut forms a delectable pleasure.
  • Spanish Zest: The delicate tones of Valencian Orange create a lively palette.
  • Fresh Zephyr: The crisp taste of Morrocan Mint produces a light, refreshing sensation.
  • Go Nuts!: An extraordinary infusion of creamy Peanut Butter makes a sublime union.