Water in Somalia

Access to safe and clean water is limited in Somalia.  Millions of people living in remote areas have to rely on dirty and polluted water for drinking, cooking, washing as well as for their livestock and crops.

Building a well costs £2,000 and can provide enough water for all the community, as well as their livestock for years to come.

For £5 a day, 2500 people can gain clean drinking water. 

When we provide water, we provide life.  By providing water, we help the people of Somalia stay healthy and reduce the problems of disease and illness.  It helps children go to school, and men and women go to work.  Accessible clean water for crops and livestock enables families to grow their own food, develop their livelihoods and earn an income.

Creating just one well can help an entire community in Somalia break free from poverty.

It makes a wonderful act of Sadaqah Jariyah, and every drop of water results in blessings and rewards.

Donate now in the name of Ållah.

Give water, give life.