What makes Medjool dates so special

Why choose Medjool Dates this Ramadan?

Faced with the prospect of choosing between several varieties of gorgeous dates, it can be hard making a choice.  So why should you opt for Medjool Dates?  What makes them so special?

The answer is not hard to find.  These are the most succulent, delicious, energy-giving dates and have been a much sought-after delicacy for centuries.  They have even been described as ‘The King of Dates’.  Renowned for their large size, succulence and sheer taste, the flavour of Medjool dates contains hints of wild honey and rich caramel.  The creamy flesh melts in your mouth, leaving a burst of sweetness and delight with every mouthful.   

Originating in Morocco, they are not easy to grow as they require perfect growing conditions.  This precious delicacy was highly prized and for years, all the Medjool dates harvested were supplied to the Royal Court.

Then in 1927, disaster struck.  Disease destroyed vast quantities of the Medjool palm trees. To save this highly prized variety, shoots were taken and planted elsewhere around the world, including the Jordan Valley. 

Nowadays, the Jordan Valley is a major supplier of Medjool dates. The area contains more than 30,000 date palms, and more are planted every year. Three out of every 4 boxes of Medjool dates come from the Jordan Valley. It is easy to see why the area is so suited to growing these succulent dates.  For a successful harvest, the trees need periodic doses of cold weather throughout the winter, followed by strong heat between April and July with only a little rain and very low humidity.  The Jordan Valley provides this specific environment, ensuring a good harvest every year. 

Our Medjool dates are of the finest possible quality and are grown on farms located within the Jordanian section of the Jordan Valley.  Syrian refugees are employed to hand select the dates and pack all the tins.  As a result, our dates are not only sustainable and ethically sourced, but provide work and act as a continuous source of help to Syrian refugees since all profits from sales are used to support charities providing bread and other facilities to the refugees. 

It is the perfect choice at sundown when breaking the Ramadan fast.  The sweetness is immediately welcome, giving that much needed instant delicious, energy boost.  And of course, they are also extremely healthy containing all the vital minerals essential for good health such as calcium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Iron, all the B Vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folate), together with phosphorus, potassium, and sodium.  Medjool dates help sustain a healthy heart, increases energy levels, decrease cholesterol, help develop a strong bone structure and relieve constipation.

By choosing these stunning Medjool dates you are benefiting in every possible way. Your health improves, breaking the fast becomes a delicious treat to look forward to each day and there is the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others in desperate need of assistance.